Although I love interacting with people, I believe my ability to quietly and unobtrusively observe – to let people be or perform without being aware that they are being photographed - is one of my greatest strengths. I love theatre and the performing arts, but I know that my place is off stage, not on it. Taking production photos allows me to step on to that stage (sometimes literally) and experience theatre in a way that most non-actors never get the chance to do.

Great theatre photography require great technical skills. Shooting live theatre involves quickly and effectively knowing how to manage low light, fast movement, abrupt lighting changes, and scene changes. If often involves having to move quickly, quietly, and mindfully, all while following the narrative of the show in a way that is true to the direction and design. The technical, physical, and intellectual skills vary wildly from the work I do as a still-life and architectural photographer, but I welcome them just the same. 

Working primarily in Boston and Rhode Island I have worked with theaters, amongst others, such as the American Repertory Theatre, Huntington Theatre Company, Boston Lyric Opera, Commonwealth Shakespeare,  Actors Shakespeare Project, Lyric Stage, Speakeasy Stage, Greater Boston Stage Company, (Stoneham Theatre) Central Square Theatre, Boston Civic Symphony, Boston Theatre Company, Babson Arts, Wilbury Theatre Group, and Burbage Theatre Company. 

My production and promotional photographs have appeared in newspapers, magazines and on leading news websites, including the Boston Globe, Huffington Post, American Theatre Magazine, Runners World, WBUR, and many more.